With our GRIP, your marketing just


GRIP marketing is an independent marketing consultancy,

driven to ensure your marketing performs.

We don't talk fluff, we don't overpromise and we don't quote jargon and measurements that mean little.

Let us GRIP your brand and we promise the ride will be real and totally

focussed on the results that matter to you.

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Our Centre Stage

Our Centre Stage

So you want to remain resource light, but you also need a marketing team in order to grow. That's where we come in. Our Marketing as a Service (MaaS) programs integrate our marketing specialists seamlessly with your business, as if they are part of your team.

We know the benefits ​of a consistent marketing approach to any business. Our team are here to perform and deliver results in the areas that are important to you. 

Marketing as a Service

Do I grow my customer base or focus on keeping my existing ones happy?

Do I use paid search marketing, social media advertising, retargetting, display advertising, afiliate marketing, video advertising, traditional advertising, invest in content, PR or any other channel?

How do I track and meausre all of these channels?

These are the questions a lot of businesses ask themselves and we get that it's overwhelming.

That's where we come in! Our team have specialist experience in all of these areas and can quickly recommend and execute a plan that will perform for you.

Customer Aquisition & Retention

Our consultancy services give brands a fresh perspective on their marketing programs. We regularly facilitate workshops, undertake brand health checks, provide coaching and mentoring to team members or evaluate your current market position, challenges and opportunities with the view to producing a new direction and makreting strategy for your brand.

Marketing Consultancy

With significant experience working with franchise systems, we totally get the push-pull that often exists between franchisor and franchisee.

Generally the franchisor's marketing focusses on the national brand and large overarching campaigns. This doesn't however always fulfill all of the needs of the franchisee and they have a set of local marketing requirements they want to implement.

Our local area marketing programs, give franchisees access to skilled marketing resources to ensure high performing programs, whilst also considering the brand standards, controls and visibility that the franchisor needs and wants. This approach ensures both parties work in symetry.   

Local Area


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